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Zero Switching Costs
Why did Microsoft pay $8.9 billion
for Skype? Why did Google offer $6
billion for Groupon? Why is
Facebook valued at $50 billion?
New consumer behaviors are
changing all the old rules
mc3: Formula For Growth
In The New Economy
Ground-breaking proprietary
research, includes input from 250+
top CEOs, investors and analysts.
Seminal paper featured by CNN,
Barron's, Wall Street Journal
Retail Apocalypse?
The death of retail and consumer
spending has been greatly
exaggerated.  Even at the depths of
the economic crisis, retail fared
well.  What is changing, however,
is the winners and losers
Surviving Retail's New Age
Find out how companies can win
in an environment of pricing
pressure from larger competitors,
market share erosion to innovative,
low-cost rivals, product
commoditization and brand glut
Top 7 CEO Blind Spots
Most CEOs and board members
fail in their efforts to build a truly
customer-centric, multi -channel
organization to exploit big growth
opportunities in the new economy.  
Find out why?
The Land of Retail Nirvana?
Is India the best international retail
opportunity? Featured by Fortune
and Economic Times of India, a
revolutionary strategy for foreign
retailers entering India
Who Owns Your Customer?
Customers are frustrated by the
lack of seamless interaction
across a company's channels and
geographies. Find out how you can
change that to retain and win more
Private Equity Roundtable
Candid discussion on issues of
governance and organizational
structure with private equity leaders
Retailing: China v. India
Global retailers are racing to figure
out how to access the enormous
populations of China and India.  
Find out which country is a
superior investment
Surviving Wal-Mart, China,
and the Internet
Powerful operating framework for
profitable growth as companies
battle giant macro-trends cutting
into their sales and margins
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